Sale of PVC halls

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We offer different PVC halls for sale according to the customer’s dimensions and needs

UC Rent offers PVC halls according to the customer’s dimensions and needs. The halls are quick to erect and weatherproof, allowing the company to quickly expand its production or sales activities.

A PVC hall is the most inexpensive and fastest way to create additional space for your company. PVC halls are intended for the storage of materials and tools, but also for the storage and presentation of machinery and equipment, for example. Engineering work and the selection of suitable materials gives the hangar a service life of many years, specifically in the climate conditions found in Estonia.

UC Rent offers an inexpensive and quick opportunity to expand your storage or production area.

Introductory catalogue

If you want to see which PVC halls are immediately available on site, please visit our E-shop.

Areas of use:

  • Warehouses
  • Sports halls
  • Party tents and pavilions
  • Manège

  • Garages for heavy machinery
  • Hangars
  • Industrial buildings

PVC halls:

  • The framework of PVC halls is made of formed aluminium sections, and its connecting and reinforcement members are made of hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • The roof coverings are made of high-quality PVC-coated fabric, the colour of which can be chosen by the customer.
  • Side covers made of PVC-coated fabric, the colour of which can be chosen by the customer, or steel profiled sheets.

  • According to the customer’s wishes, we can offer sliding and lifting gates and walk-in doors.
  • The eave height and width of the wall are pursuant to the customer’s requirements.
  • The industrial tent is anchored in the ground using special steel stakes.
  • Snow load tolerance is up to 300 kg/m2 (Estonian standard is 100 kg/m2).