UC Rent PVC halls


  • One-quarter of the construction costs of a conventional building
  • Hall installation in as little as 1 day
  • Easy customization and expansion option
  • Extraordinary durability

Durable aluminium construction

Anodized aluminium modular halls guarantee structural lightness, ideal stability, and resistance to weather conditions.

Quick installation, sometimes even in as little as 1 day

Prefabricated supports in the articulated system allow a large part of hall construction to be completed without the use of cranes. Installation of a warehouse with an area of 1,000 m2 in 2–3 days.

Easy addition and modification of building parts

The modular system of structures allows you to easily make changes in the halls and, if necessary, simply expand them or build them together.

PVC material

Hall covers made of strong refractory PVC material weighing 640–900 g/m2. The important advantages of a roof with this solution include light transmission, which allows you to save on electrical energy during the day.

ABS board

Durable boards made of plastic, which, due to their modest appearance and ease of installation, are used in the construction of event halls and market buildings. 

Polycarbonate 6 mm

Transparent walls are perfect for event halls, showrooms, etc. 

Safety glass 6 mm

Glass surfaces are glued with a safety film, which prevents them from turning into dangerous fragments when they break.

Trapezoidal sheet T-35 walls

Trapezoidal sheet walls provide better protection for stored materials.

Layered insulated board

We use layered, steel-coated plates with excellent insulating properties, in the following variations:

  • polyurethane content
  • mineral wool content
  • styrofoam contents

Inflatable roof

The inflatable roof provides better thermal insulation. Warm air is directed with the help of air heaters between the membranes of the PVC, thus forming an additional layer of thermal insulation. In addition, the inflated roof makes it easier to remove accumulated snow.

Additional optional equipment

Lifting doors, sliding gates, doors, floors, windows, etc. A wide range of solutions.